June 11, 2014

Made some efforts with 3D graphic program. My skill is still scrappy.

October 6, 2013

Help me

Need to purify my intentions. 

Lyfe (absurd post)

Lots of things happened around me. Rakan rakan semakin giat mencari zaujah masing masing. Gunakan peluang yang ada untuk berkenalan dan bermesra dengan international students. Me? Nothing really happens. Kept thinking about future life every single day. Planning on to do this and that without even realizing that i got much more important things need to be done. Study. Benda yang paling senang nak activatekan procrastination mode aku. Bukak slide document baca satu line ayat lepas tu terus hilang focus. Baca 1 min otak melayang 30min. I'm trying to find the reason why this happen to me. Unlike me of 3-4 years ago which was very dedicated and hardworking. Sebab hati dah gelap ke? Aku pun dah mula rasa yang amal aku x sebanyak dulu. Have been drifting so far away. Even banyak kali I ponder upon it, but the motivation only last for seconds. After that back to the usual me swaying around. O Allah. What has happened to me? Please help me set my path back. Recently lots of bad things had happened to me which trigger my senses that i'm not in my right path. I've been swayig for too long. All of this definitely affect my life. Please help me. Should stop with stupid lovey dovey and focus into myself. 

July 24, 2013

Dear life.

Coordinate Hobart Hobart
New semester has begun. That bad past haunted me, yet i'm still like this. Being the same lazy fools. Internally I may say i wanna change, but externally, nothing sparks. Everyday my soul pray to Allah wanting to change while my body keep doing the exact opposite. Will i be able to change? How will I be able to change? When can the change happen? Who can drive me? What kind of way that can make me change?

While writing this, my soul still praying and I still procrastinating. 


Coordinate Hobart Hobart

New hobby ay? What do ya think?


Coordinate Sandy Bay Sandy Bay
It's been long since my last post. So many things happened. Be it good or bad. I feel like to share it all here. Should i?

Here a picture of me

July 23, 2013

Long Time No See

*dusting dashboard*


*walk away*